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Our advantages

Advantages of our dry cleaning are:


- high quality of service. We use only best chemicals (e.g. we do not have the so called “smell of dry cleaning”, the process of dry cleaning is both safe to fabrics and environment);


- our dry cleaning accepts items other dry cleanings do not accept (leather and suede footwear, leather bags, soft toys, covers for sofas and chairs, fur coats, biker’s clothes and footwear, wedding dresses and evening dresses made by designers, etc.);


- you can order both coating of leather and do suede waterproof;


- we have high quality packing according to the size of your clothes. We also pack your clothing for traveling, e.g. a customer gets suits, shirts packed to be placed into a suitcase or on the shelves of a wardrobe. By customer’s request we can pack clothing into a special cover;


-  short period of work. All items (excluding leather and suede items, bags and footwear) are ready the next day. By customer’s request and our ability we can do dry cleaning during one working day: hand in the morning – taken away in the evening! Other items (leather, suede and fur clothing, shoes) up to one week;


- by customer’s request we can do repairing of clothes and footwear (buttons, buttonholes, shortening of trousers and sleeves, etc.);


- good location in the centre of Tallinn City, Roosikrantsi St. in the Swiss House;


- suitable working schedule: we are open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. As exclusion, VIP customers can take away their items over and above the working day;


- flexible payment terms (in cash and by credit card) at handing in or at taking away. For business clients bank payment order once in a month is possible;


- we deliver inside centre of Tallinn (over 10 items).


Roosikrantsi Puhastuse O phone 631 3804, 56451797, Roosikrantsi 9, 10119 Tallinn. Mon-Fri 9-19 Sat 10-17 Sun closed  Kodulehe loomine